Group Talent Development

Management Skills Development - Unlocking Excellence:

Nothing is more critical to a company's long term vitality and success than the identification and development of future top management talent. In recent years, study after study has shown that a key to retaining critical talent is to provide developmental opportunities and prepare high potential managers to handle them.

The Saratoga Institute, which conducts annual research studies on turnover, has validated that professional development plays a pivotal role in keeping fast track people happy and on-board. Key lessons about high potential people:

By the same token, companies want to assure desirable outcomes from investment in high potential talent. The goal for example, is also to ensure that core cultural values are understood, sustained and diffused by key, future leaders.

The Unlocking Excellence program covers up to a full year in the lives of six to ten high potential managers. At its core is an intense six week program that immerses participants in company business issues, assists them in building analytical and communication skills and illustrates how to be better team players as well as team leaders. It also includes pre-and-post assessment activities, individual feedback on interpersonal style, and coaching for each executive.

In essence, this highly interactive process provides selected managers and the company with an opportunity to mutually establish best practices for the future. As the participants prepare to move rapidly into positions of company leadership, this experience will play a crucial role in their success and in the company's viability.

The subject area and development targets of Unlocking Excellence include the following: