Group Talent Development

Team Effectiveness:

Effective teamwork is a fundamental element in most successful organizations. Strategic Advantages' Team Effectiveness practice recognizes that the achievement of effective teamwork is a challenge in today's business climate. Effective teamwork requires an environment in which difficult issues can be raised, discussed openly and resolved with commitment and enthusiasm.

The key to accomplishing this type of environment is to create a teamwork model in which team members experience the true value of team support and team capability. In Strategic Advantages' experience, participants will then want to create a new dynamic to sustain it.

The core components of this process are:

A series of assessment-based interviews to identify team and leadership capabilities issues, the degree of alignment and emerging issues.

Presentation of the assessment findings to the leader

A team building process is planned by the consultant and the leader that deals effectively with identified issues as it builds the appropriate team dynamic

The resulting team building and team meeting is one in which: