Human Capital Assessment

Organizational Analysis and Design:

OAD is an international assessment and development consulting firm with over 450 clients across North America and Europe. All of our consultants have had senior management experience which allows them to understand the problems organizations encounter and provide consultancy support. After a 3 day seminar, you can use the OAD program internally, providing the needed information within minutes.

The OAD Survey - Researched, Validated and Security Protected for the following:

What is Organizational Analysis and Design?

OAD is an information system, management and organization development process designed to be used "in-company" by decision-makers to improve the utilization and performance of employees.

Combining a fully computerized instrument, the OAD Organization Survey, with intensive application training and consulting support, the OAD program meets the needs of today's managers for practical, accurate assessment information.

The OAD Organization Survey measures the most critical seven work-related personality traits and job behavior perceptions.

Measurements tell managers the basic nature of employees and, importantly, how they perceive they must behave in their jobs in order to meet the organization's expectations. Requiring only about ten minutes to complete, the OAD Survey is computer scored in just minutes with the in-depth analysis immediately available.

A comprehensive job analysis process (JAQ) ensures that the OAD information is job-relevant.

A three-day training program and sound resource materials equip managers to understand the instrument, its proper usage and applications. To assist users in integrating the OAD into management systems, skilled consulting support is always available.

The OAD Survey - Researched, Validated and Security Protected

Developed over five years, the OAD Organization Survey has been extensively researched and field-tested. By both psychometric and EEO standards, the Survey is a valid and reliable measure of work-related personality traits and behavior perceptions. Client validation studies are further offered as a service to ensure confidence and legal compliance. With the integrated JAQ Job Analysis software, job-relevancy is built into the decision-making process.

For the protection of client and employee data, the OAD software is copy protected and three levels of password protection to ensure that the information cannot be used in an unauthorized manner.


Organization Behavior

OAD measures work behaviors both individually and collectively. It maps the overall personality or culture of the organization. Does the culture coincide with the strategic plan? Identify and manage the subcultures that exist at various levels and departments. Determine how behaviors affect organization structure, power relationships, growth and reward systems.


What separates leaders from managers? Identify the various leadership styles when and where they are effective. Identify and develop potential leaders. Learn how to manage change.

Organization Analysis

Who and what is the organization? What stage of development is the organization in? Develop clarity and objectivity. Identify the organization's dynamics. Where are the bottlenecks versus the productivity / profit points? Identify where change may be necessary and continuity supported.

Organization Design

Structure the organization for maximum productivity. Where and why empowerment does and does not work. The growth stages of the organization and design changes. How personality affects design.

Succession Planning

Finding and developing new leaders and managers for smooth transitions. Distinguishing between career and transitional positions.

Team Building

Identifying the differences in people and jobs throughout the organization and learning to manage them. The advantage of having different personalities on the team. 360 degree feedback.

Management Development

Why managers are different from leaders. Identifying different management styles when and where they are effective. How management personalities interpret and implement business plans.

Selection & Placement

Using the JAQ job analysis questionnaire to develop objective and realistic job descriptions / demands. Exploring alternative placement. Integrating OAD with interviewing and other evaluation techniques.

System Requirements

The OAD program software requires the Windows operating system. Installed from either a floppy disk or CD-Rom and designed as a single-user program, OAD can be operated on a stand-alone computer or on a network.